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Snowboarding history was made yesterday by a young man, a Japanese boarder named Shuichiro Shigeno. This Burton rider did a historic feat by completing the worlds FIRST frontside 1800 ever done in a halfpipe on a snowboard. An 1800 is five full spins on a snowboard. Five FULL spins. I think I would get dizzy. Watch the clip below, filmed by Tatsu Miyagawa.

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The first comment that comes up is from @thecatfishchronicles saying "Swing and a miss on the grab there" and it has racked up 24 likes so far. The significance of Catfish's comment is that clearly Shuichiro went for a grab on his snowboard and missed it. Generally, grabbing while doing a trick in the air demonstrates a next level of technical prowess, and while Shuichiro did attempt, he did not get the grab. That is okay though, what he did is enough in itself - grab or no grab. 

Is the future of competitive snowboarding going to remain within rewarding the spin-to-win technique? We shall see, we shall see.

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