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Snowboarding is an interesting thing. To some people, it is an activity. To others, a sport. To others, snowboarding is an art. And to many, it is a lifestyle. But to the general public, what is snowboarding, really? These Hollywood moments from when snowboarding has hit the big screen gives us a little glimpse of how the whole world views our niche little "sport". 

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Here is the list:

1. Michael Scott in The Office

2. Shaun White in “Friend With Benefits”

3. Harold and Kumar

4. Jack the Chimp from Most Extreme Primate

5. Nils Mindnich in “Cloud 9”

6. Todd Richards in “Out Cold”

7. The Office

8. Devun Walsh in “Out Cold”

9. Sage Kotsenburg on “Conan”

What do ya have for us? There was plenty more input in the comments, including:

"Can’t believe no honorable mention for NBCs coverage of getting Gerarded"

"Clearly Johnny Tsunami isn’t on this list because it’s a documentary piece about snowboarding in Vermont"

"no love for Chalet Girl🤷‍♂️ starting to think i’m the only one that’s ever seen it 🤣🤣"

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