Snowboard Iskola

In 2002 the first Spring Battle took place at Absolut Park. Over the years, we always had creative and constantly changing formats and awards. An evolving, up-to-date event mode in tune with the zeitgeist.
For this year’s 20th anniversary, we are presenting a slightly changed format once again: After launching our digitally global online format last year (due to Covid-19 restrictions), we decided to build on the great experiences we’ve made with this mode. And since we are finally able to invite Pro Riders again on site to Absolut Park, we are happy to combine our digital format with the roots of Spring Battle: A fun and challenging event at the pinnacle of the snow season.

Spring Battle 2022 will continue to be held as BEST TRICK competition from March 12th till March 16th 2022. The Spring Battle setup will feature a Turbo Knuckle, two big Pro Jumps and a Rail Yard for this year’s categories:

BEST TRICK BIGAIR (on site only on the last Absolut Park Pro Jump)
BEST TRICK RAIL (on site only in the Absolut Park Rail Yard)
BEST 540 (on one of the two Absolut Park Pro Jumps OR anywhere in the world)
BEST TURBOKNUCKLE (on the AP Turboknuckle OR anywhere in the world)

As usual, SPRING BATTLE 2022 will be welcoming the best women and men in snowboarding and freeskiing on the globe to fight for a total prize money purse of impressive 100.000 US$.

How to participate

  • All riders need to register at
  • All registered riders can participate in ALL 4 CATEGORIES on site at Absolut Park’s Spring Battle setup.
  • All registered riders can also participate in the BEST 540 and BEST TURBOKNUCKLE categories by in submitting their entries digitally from anywhere in the world.
  • All entries have to be posted to your instagram channel AND uploaded to our event platform at by the according deadlines.

Each rider teams up with a followcam filmer or other rider to record their entries within the event time window. Each rider‘s best trick (uncut video clip) must be uploaded on their Instagram channel (public, not private, using the award hashtags!) and to our event platform at until 5pm at the according deadlines.

The best tricks will be judged after each deadline and will be presented at the Live Shows the following night.


  • film the best tricks within the 4 days event window (March 12th till March 15th), either on site at Absolut Park or worldwide (Best Turboknuckle & Best 540 only).
  • state your NAME and the CATEGORY you wanna enter before or after the trick with your face visible (no cuts!). If you are shooting long lens with a filmer, make him state your name & category in front of the camera)
  • upload the uncut video clips on your Instagram channel using the following hastags: #springbattle22 plus the according award hashtag (see above) and make sure your account is public
  • upload the uncut video clips to our event platform

The submission / posting deadlines

Best Trick Turboknuckle: March 12th, 5pm CET*
Best 540 Award: March 13th, 5pm CET*
Best Trick Rail: March 14th, 5pm CET*
Best Trick Big-Air: March 15th, 5pm CET*

*5pm CET (Central European Time) equals:
North America: 8am PST / 11am EST
Japan: 1am JST (+1 day)
China: 12pm CST