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Until recently, winter was looking pretty malnourished on the East Coast. The roller-coaster season was marked by low precip and higher-than-usual temperatures.

Beyond just frustrating riders looking to enjoy the season, it's been challenging for resort operations. Things have gotten so challenging that some crews are diversifying their offerings in order to make it all work.

Introducing Parks Landscaping, a subsidiary of Sugarbush Parks.

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April Fools', if you didn't notice the date.

This is a solid one by Sugarbush Parks. Way to bring new meaning to "raking the take off." We love the creativity and the dedication--bringing a lawnmower on hill does not seem like a not-annoying task. Props to the crew for bringing this one to life. Filmed by Ely Campeanu.

Of course, this creative jest is just that, but until recently winter was a little less wintery than we like to see it in New England. Lucky for all of us trying to hang onto winter just a little longer, there's another storm heading Vermont's way later this week.

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