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The energy at the Uninvited Invitational was undeniably alive and the girls went absolute beast mode. It makes sense too, because this event had a total of $55,000 on the line. Below are the girls who took home the main $38,000.

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A final cash purse of $55,000 is absolutely unprecedented in snowboarding. It is more money than a lot of the major contests offer. The girls understood the assignment. The final podium consisted of:

5. Livia Tranno - $3,000

4. Grace Warner - $5,000

3. Jess Perlmutter - $7,000

2. Iris Pham - $10,000

1. Telma Tsarkipaju - $13,000

You may be wondering if the cash purse was $55,000 and the podium took home $38,000, what happened to the other $17,000. Well, that is why we love Jess Kimura, the brain child behind this whole event, because she wants to see girls get PAID. Every girl she can. So, she came up with a list of other ways to get money. 

Best Air: Emma Crosby

Best Bail: Jaylen Hanson

Best Style: Momo Fujikawa

Best Trick: Annika Morgan

Unleash The Beast: Nora Beck

Most Heart: Madison Blackley

One To Watch: Jubes Pelchat

Most Creative: Naima Antolin

Subaru Rookie 1: Ellie Weiler

Subaru Rookie 2: Jess Perlmutter

These were the overall awards along with two standout awards each day.

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