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Following the success of the collaboration between X Games and Thayers Natural Remedies at X Games California 2023, Thayers has announced the extension of its partnership through X Games Aspen 2024, which is scheduled to go down January 26th to 28th. 

Thayers will maintain its position as the official beauty and skincare partner of X Games, and is set to broaden its collaboration with X Games by taking on the entitlement of the Ski and Snowboard Knuckle Huck disciplines. Knuckle Huck, a beloved fan favorite, highlights the stylish and creative aspects of both snowboarding and skiing with requiring tricks off the knuckle as opposed to the jump.

Thayers' support for the Knuckle Huck disciplines has played a pivotal role in introducing women's ski and snowboard Knuckle Huck events for the first time in the history of X Games. This addition reflects a commitment to equalizing competition opportunities for both male and female athletes.

Is it a little annoying that it is a beauty and skincare brand chosen to introduce the women's Knuckle Huck? Sure, yeah, definitely. It would be much cooler if it was a hard goods brand or something a little less traditionally "feminine" but hey, at least there is a women's Knuckle Huck this year. And Thayers was already a partner for X Games, so we can't knock them too hard. Why does X Games have a beauty and skincare partner? Not our problem, we are happy to see this event thriving! Thanks Thayers!

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