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Binding Model: Burton Genesis X EST

Binding Size: Medium

Stance and Angles: Goofy, 21in wide 15/-3

Board Used: Burton Custom X 158

Boot Used: Burton Almighty

Boot Size: 8

Rider Weight: 155lbs

Location: Vail, Colorado

Conditions:It had snowed semi recently so there was some good snow to be mined, but an equal amount of time was spent blasting firm but grippable groomers dragging armpits.

Binding Adjustability: The straps are both on tool-less bolt ladders. Spin out the screws, adjust, and screw back in. The flip cam adjuster on the highback isn’t always the easiest to pop and the block itself has proven to be difficult at times to move around, but I usually set my forward lean and never touch it again.

Straps: The ankle strap is of the newish full composite hammock style. It disappears on your boot and provides all the support and power you need. The new toe strap is a very welcome redesign. I really wasn’t a fan of the old one. During the review of the previous one I never had an issue, but I owned the 2018 Malavitas and rode a whole season in them, with Burton boots, and had a couple occasion of slippage. These new ones are so so much better. Better shape, better build, and they aren’t squares like the previous edition. I have all the confidence out there that these new toes straps will lock down on your boot and do there job worry free.

Ratchets: Burton’s spiral double sided dealy. They’ve never popped open on me, climb really well and have a lot less likely chance of stripping ladders. And if you do manage to strip one, it has no effect on the ratchets ability to hold onto the ladder since the climbing and locking are on separate sides. Only downside is the height they push the ladders to. On the toe strap depending on your fit they may cause a little more pressure than your average ratchet might.

Highbacks: This is Burton’s triple layer suspension back. The face that touches your boot, the spring in the middle, and the supportive structure it all pushes against. It’s an awesome feel. Like having the freedom of movement from a soft highback and the response and support of a stiff one. Don’t mistake that for a softer feel though, these highback mean business. They just give you the business coated in a nice cozy blanket of goodness.

Binding Flex: So the frame on this binding is 28% carbon/nylon composite. You’re also standing on the carbon springbeds. These are stiff. Other than riding the ludicrous X-Base, this is probably the closest thing in stiffness to the Diode. Just with a bunch of smooth-it-out tech built in too.

Ride: Springbed footbed. These things are bonkers. They remind me of skating loose trucks with brand new super springy bushings. Being an elevated bed you have all the comfort and smoothness of your regular foam footbeds, but the level of response and snap you get out of the springbeds is just insane. They matched up really well to the highly refined and dialed feel of the Custom X. The only downside I found was that they offer little to no board feel since you’re literally lifted off the board.

Rider in Mind: High end all mountain charging.

Personal Thoughts: I actually really like this binding. I have always liked the Genesis but wanted just a little bit more out of the frame to match more with the way I like to ride. To me they respond better when you drive them hard. Be heavy footed on them. Since they don’t offer much board feel they tend to match up better to a more aggressive and drive-heavy riding style instead of a lighter footed rider that responds to trail input. Know that the footbed is gonna soak up what’s in front of you, and charge.

The post The 2019 Genesis X ReFlex Snowboard Binding Review appeared first on The Angry Snowboarder.