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Board: K2 Overboard

Size: 165

Camber Option: Combination camber that is basically early rise in the nose and micro rocker through the tail with camber through the middle.

Bindings: K2 Lien AT Medium

Stance: Goofy, 21 in wide, 18/0, 21/+3, 24/+6

Boots: DC Tucknee size 8, Ride Fuse size 8

My Weight: 155lbs

Resort: Keystone, Breck, Copper

Conditions: Most of what you can get in Colorado throughout a season. Good groomers in good weather, blowing snow and windblown bowls, firm near icey conditions, and deeps.

Flex: fully directional with a softer nose stiffening up under foot, staying about a mid all mountain flex between the feet, and stiffening up again through the tail. Torsional flex matched the middle flex of the board making it steerable between the feet but not soft.

Stability: It’s a big board, camber, and not soft. Its built smooth and charged well. Not the kind of plowable charge that a full blown freeride deck has, but I have never had its composer waiver at high speeds or through thunder. It holds its line well.

Ollies/Pop: Nothing amazing and you do have to load the stiffer tail to initiate, but it’s there. It gets the job done.

Butterability: A little in the tail at higher speeds, takes a lot of effort at slower paces. The nose has the right flex for it, but there is a hell of a lot of nose up there. Very doable but you gotta be paying attention or you won’t really get into it or it’ll hook, you just have to put your weight further out there.

Carving: Oh yes. This is what this board is for. Turn off the back foot and short quick snappy carves are a breeze, keep everything centered or forward and medium to long carves come around very nice. I have ridden some of the Japanese powder/turning style brands and they are different than western made stuff. They have had a different idea of turning for so long and their boards are made to follow that style. The Overboard is really the first western designed board that mimics that feel. The you can turn this as hard as you want or as big as you want and transition between those turns with such fluid motion. Under the right input it is one of the most fluid carvers I’ve been on.

Rider in Mind: Big pow stick or cruiser carver

Personal Thoughts: I own this board. The first time I rode a Moss I used the term Snowsurfboard to describe its feel. That’s how the Overboard feels. It carves a trench and you can euro-carve it if you wish, but the pure joy of this board is in the fluid, long, smooth, across-the-fall-line turns. It’s great in a big open pow field and the board feels as big as it is in deep snow, but I actually wanted this board for its groomer feel. The turn this board is capable of is unlike anything else I’ve ridden yet from a western brand. And for the price I think it’s something everyone should consider when building a quiver.

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