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Binding Model: Nitro Rambler

Binding Size: Medium

Stance and Angles: Goofy, 21wide, 15/-3

Board Used: Arbor Clovis 157

Boot Used: Burton Almighty

Boot Size: 8

Rider Weight: 155lbs

Location: Copper Mountain

Conditions: Firm mid winter. Feels a bit more like early season than mid, still some man made mixed into the fresh snow.

Binding Adjustability: The straps adjusters are on flip cams that are easy enough to flip and snap back down. Get the straps centered and roll. The adjusters have Nitro’s integrated cables, strengthening them and ensuring that even if they do crack, they won’t break and you’ll be able to finish your day.

Straps: The toe straps are a pretty simple split toe. Get it over the tip of your boot and it stays put and locks you down. The ankle straps are pretty basic and not the most comfortable, but they did their job and would likely break in over time. Overall they’re still far from the worst straps I’ve ridden.

Ratchets: Smooth on and off. No issues either direction. The release levers are a little small, no real issues, but just something to get used to.

Highbacks: Just below middle of the road in flex, tall, with a little bit of 3D shaping. It’s a great shape and flex to match to the way the rest of the binding rides. Not too stiff, and not too soft. The top portion has a small amount of flex straight back to keep it from causing any unwanted pressure.

Binding Flex: Right around middle of the road. The frame is just above a mid flex, the highback just below, and the straps are little on the softer side. Overall giving a just below mid flex feel with a supportive frame.

Ride: Full foam footbed with 3 degrees of canting. Without the airbags that are in the higher end frames the 3 degrees felt like a little much. I don’t ride a very wide stance, so canting beyond 2 degrees with stiffer foam just doesn’t agree with my knees. Those riding a wider stance shouldn’t have any issues.

Rider in Mind: Entry level all mountain rider or someone looking for a budget park binding with durability in mind

Personal Thoughts: There are a lot of pretty rad features in this budget bindings. You get the multi-position aluminium heelcups, wired strap adjusters, canted footbeds, and mini discs. Really the only drawback was the ankle straps, and honestly it’s a sub $200 binding and that’s just kinda what you get at that price. Overall one of the better budget bindings I’ve ridden recently.

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The post The 2019 Nitro Rambler Snowboard Binding Review appeared first on The Angry Snowboarder.