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Binding Model: Rome Katana

Binding Size: Med

Stance and Angles: Goofy, 21 wide, 15/-3

Board Used: Rome National 156, Alek Agent 155, Powder Division MT 157, Blur 156

Boot Used: Burton Almighty

Boot Size: 8

Rider Weight: 155lbs

Location: Red Mountain, BC

Conditions: Gnar frozen wet snow the first day on the PD MT and Alek with a hike out to some untouched leftovers on the PD MT. Pretty damn good new snow overnight with pow on top of chunder and crud for the Blur and National. I slammed and my elbow gave my ribs an inter-costal strain. I don’t recommend it. Red Mountain is phenomenal though.

Binding Adjustability: Tons. The straps are on cams, and the ankle strap has a bungie to keep it out of the way when you’re strapping in. The frame has ample movement forward and back to accommodate my 8’s and all the way up to probably an 11 with no problems. My favorite adjustment is the pivot mounts the ankle strap is on. They pivot 360 degrees with 8 spots to lock into. I tend to get instep pressure in most bindings I get into and being able to run the pivots completely vertical allowed me to relieve any and all pressure off the top of my foot. They also allow for some flex changes as well. Run them straight up on the outside for more power and drive, and straight down on the inside for more flexibility. Or the opposite, or anything in between. They’re rad and having owned a set with them for a couple seasons they are my favorite adjustment on a binding.

Straps: The ankle strap is one piece solid foam with a band of honeycombed plastic support across the middle. It’s works effectively conforming to any boot shape, not causing unwanted pressures, and providing enough power and drive without feeling restrictive. It’s a really well done middle of the road feeling strap. The toe strap is made of durable, thick, grippy, and stretchy rubber that has no problems conforming and gripping to just about any toebox shape out there. Rome seriously has the best track record when it comes to toe straps consistently making some of the best out there year after year.

Ratchets: They were smooth on and off with no binding and didn’t freeze in the wetter snow in the great white north. Even and consistent cranking.

Highbacks: The Katana got a new highback this year, and I’m pumped. The past years this binding had honestly felt a little bit like a jack of all trades, master of none. With the new stiffer highback it firmly solidifies the Katana as an all mountain ride anything binding. Put them on mid flex twins and get loose, or put them on a stiffer more freeride oriented deck and send it. They hold up and are always as much as you need. There is a relief cut from the top medial to the lower lateral side that adds just enough flex to keep that top lateral corner from ever being in your way.

Binding Flex: Putting everything together on these lands them solidly between mid flex and full stiff freeride. Just enough give here and there to make them a viable option on park decks and even jib boards, but plenty of meat there to power into a stiff freeride board.

Ride: Smooth and comfortable. The D3O under the frame does a phenomenal job of damping out vibrations. And because it works so well Rome doesn’t have to use much of it, keeping weight down and keeping you closer to the board. The mini disc does a good job boosting board feel and natural board flex. They ship with 2 options for footbeds as well. Flat and 3 degrees of cant so you can choose. I ride a slightly narrower stance for my height so on any boards that are camber dominant, like all the Romes I rode, I run the flat footbeds.

Rider in Mind: All mountain rider looking for a premium feel and reliable performance from a binding that can fit onto just about any board for any riding style.

Personal Thoughts: If I was told I had to pick one pair of bindings to put on everything I ride, there is a good chance these are what I’d pick. I can put them on my softer park decks, they fit perfect on your average all mountain boards, and with the new highback they have enough power and drive to get the job done on my stiffer and bigger freeride and carving decks. The crazy level of adjustments and pivot mount and overall versatile feel landed these on the top of my list for all mountain bindings.

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