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Board: Telos Chillum

Size: 155

Camber Option:

Bindings: K2 Indy

Stance: 21.5 Wide 18 Negative 15 Goofy

Boots: K2 Thraxis Size 10

My Weight: 195lbs

Resort: Copper Mountain and Arapahoe Basin

Conditions: Copper was a sunny bluebird warm spring day with minimal wind and snow that was fast yet firm. A-Basin consisted of overcast to bluebird skies, mild winds, snow that was icy, firm, fast, chundery, and everything in between.

Flex: This is a middle of the road park flex. It has play out in the tips and then right before the insert packs it stiffens up through the middle. The torsional flex is there and while not overly abundant, it gets the job done.

Stability: This board is moderately stable but you will get bucked around in rutted out terrain from time to time. There’s some chatter out in the tips but that doesn’t resonate back under foot.

Ollies: This is an easy to engage board to get snap, but I found that you really wanted to load it up and over exaggerate to get it to boost. When you do that it has better snap vs being a bit more laid back and lazy. Overall this board has pop, but it’s just sort of basic.

Pop On Jumps: This board handles jumps with ease but it’s not anything to write home about. Small to large, it’s got you covered.

Butterability: It takes more effort than you think to butter with this board as you have to find the sweet spot and really press into it for it to engage. When it does this there’s a ton of rebound.

Jibbing: A little speed goes a long way with this board. Much like buttering you have to work a bit to get it to engage.

Carving: The sidecut on this board locks in and grips real well. You can drive this board through turns and really push it to the max. Getting deep and low is possible with this board, but it takes a bit to center flex the board and drive it.

Rider in Mind: Mid to high level park rider that wants a board they’ll have to work a bit for to flex.

Personal Thoughts: I wasn’t fully sold on this board, but I didn’t hate it. At the end of the day it was a snowboard and did snowboard things well enough. The only stand out was how it carves.

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The post The 2019 Telos Chillum Snowboard Review appeared first on The Angry Snowboarder.