Snowboard Iskola

Board: Capita Super DOA

Size: 156

Camber Option: Resort V1 Profile. Camber into a flat section into rocker.

Bindings: Rome Black Labels

Stance: 21.5 Wide 15 Negative 12 Goofy

Boots: K2 Thraxis Size 10

My Weight: 200lbs

Resort: Copper Mountain

Conditions: Sunny blue skies with some clouds, zero wind, warmer temps, heavy sun baked pow, groomers, chunder pow, ice, crust, and slush.

Flex: This board is aggressive. Not stiff in it’s a dead plank but stiff in it takes a lot to drive this board. The tips are softer and that softer flex tapers into the stiffer flex right where that 3D profiling is in the nose and then get stiffer under foot and just a hair softer between the feet. There’s some torsional flex to this board but it’s not over whelming or over demanding it balances out the flex of the board.

Stability: This board is STABLE. Running through rutted out terrain and horribly unpacked powder groomers that had been baking in the sun this board didn’t get bucked around. It flexed and contoured with the terrain allowing you to drive off it. Micro vibrations are gone, just gone, you don’t feel them. I’m pretty sure you could run a family of fat skiers over with this and you wouldn’t feel anything.

Ollies: There is a ton of snap in this board. You do have to load it up and be slightly aggressive with it, but you can expect optimal snap and response from it. This turns side hits into launch ramps, rollers into park ramps, and natural hips into ultra hips. Boost to the moon.

Pop On Jumps: Small jumps become mega ramps. This board just pops like no other. Whether you aggressively load it or not you’re getting snap off a lip with this thing.

Butterability: So there’s a sweet spot on this board out towards the beginning of the 3D shaping. This is where you want to lock in with it and have your weight out over it. There’s a ton of rebound in this board so be prepared to have it fight you. Speed is your friend.

Jibbing: Speed is the key with jibbing but you want to make sure you’ve got your weight centered and you know how to balance on the feature. If you’re not calculated with this board it’s not going to be forgiving at all. There’s a ton of rebound out of presses and you’ll feel it.

Carving: The transition from edge to edge is quick and nimble. There’s a lot of power out of this board and you feel it drive down through the sidewall into the edge. When you’re railing a hard carve it stays in its lane and continues to hold even if you tweak how you’re flexing the board. This deck is not for someone that can’t carve that needs to be stated.

Rider in Mind: Hard charging all mountain freestyle guy that demands a lot out of their board.

Personal Thoughts: This board rides like a few other ultra high end twins out there. It’s not a park board, it’s not a freeride board, it’s not even a all mountain freestyle board, it’s a high end shred sled of destruction, destroying everything in its path. It has a lot of power behind it and it demands you bring your A game to it. If you’re feeling like being a lazy rider this board will let you know it has higher demands and you are not worthy.

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