Snowboard Iskola

Board: Cockerel Kung Fu

Size: 155

Camber Option: Traditional Camber

Bindings: Rome Black Label

Stance: 21.5 Wide 15 Negative 12 Goofy

Boots: K2 Thraxis Size 10

My Weight: 200lbs

Resort: Copper Mountain

Conditions: Overcast skies, some wind, bouts of snow falling, fresh corduroy with a little on top making it fast, and colder temps.

Flex: SOFT. This board is just so damn soft and possibly one of the softest board I’ve ever ridden. Mega amounts of flex in the tips and only slightly stiffer through the inserts and middle. There’s an over abundance of torsional flex to it that really lets you twist it.

Stability: None. This board is a west soggy noodle that feels everything. Riding a groomer you can tell that this board has nothing to it and all those vibrations will resonate all the way through it. The abundance of flex makes this thing flap and chatter like no other.

Ollies: Due to its softer flex and traditional camber it’s a very skate like snap to it that takes nothing to engage it. You don’t even have to load it up it just sort of pops off anything and without much fanfare

Pop On Jumps: It gets the job done but don’t hit anything big because there’s no stability in it.

Butterability: You can fold this board in half if you want to. That makes it super playful and buttery. It takes next to nothing to manipulate this into a press.

Jibbing: With this board being super soft there’s no sweet spot it’s just the board. What gives this board any rigidity to lock into a press is the bindings. That literally stiffens up the insert pack and lets you balance out over the nose or tail in a press. Going sideways this board just wraps itself around the feature.

Carving: You can get on edge, but you can’t carve. If you try to drive it into a carve it just hooks up and wants to toss your ass to the ground. You have to limit how hard you drive this thing.

Rider in Mind: Beginner that wants an easy flexing twin park board with camber.

Personal Thoughts: I’ve ridden some soft boards but this might take the cake. The second I pulled it out of the wrapper I noticed that the core was super thin, there’s next to nothing in this board. It’s softer than some of the softest jib boards on the market today. You feel everything with this and there’s no stability, it’s just a wet noodle that vibrates your feet, ankles, and knees to death. It’s also rather narrow which leads me to believe that this board was designed for someone with probably sub 5’5, 120lbs, with a size 9 or smaller foot. I was legitimately scared that I was going to crack the nose or tail on this thing just over flexing it riding like normal. The other thing is I’m pretty sure this is an old Nitro shape.