Snowboard Iskola

Binding Model: K2 Lineup

Binding Size: Medium

Stance and Angles: Goofy 21in Wide, 15/-3

Board Used: Rome Alek Agent 155

Boot Used: DC Tucknee

Boot Size: 8

Rider Weight: 155lbs

Location: Breck

Conditions: Late season mid-day slush fest. Like straight soup. Very warm and sloppy slop fest.

Binding Adjustability: The toe strap has a standard cam flip to adjust the length and the top strand can be independently adjusted to better fit differing boot shapes. The ankle strap is adjustable with a flip cam as well. The highback rotational and forward lean are on the same toolless bolt. Back it all the way out for rotation and choose your holes, but for forward lean just loosen and adjust the sliders on the inside of the highback. All pretty basic and easy.

Straps: The toe strap is as minimalist as you can get, and it’s great. The dual adjustability works well to make it fit any toe shape and it stays put and has nothing to wear out. The ankle strap is K2s injected plastic variant that has a great shape and very strong firm lockdown. Supportive and responsive. I could see it causing pressure points if it doesn’t hit your boot right, but in my noodle soft boots I had no issues at all.

Ratchets: These are K2s new design that puts the climb lever on a pivot arm. It minimizes any twisting of the ratchet helping to keep more of the teeth positively engaged on the ladder, lowering your chance of striping it. It feels really solid and they release very smooth.

Highbacks: This binding used to be called the Lien FS and I have some of the previous generation that I still ride and enjoy. I pretty much felt like the new highback ruined this binding. In part cause the Hurrithane still existed. Now it doesn’t. So the Lineups highback is still super duper soft. Almost not even there soft. It feels vaguely stiffer than when it was called the Lien FS, but still one of the softest highback out there. Minimal support, minimal response, maximum tweak.

Binding Flex: the uber soft highback definitely affects the response and front to back stiffness, but the straps aren’t super soft. So laterally you have some support helping to keep the whole thing from feeling like you’re gonna fall off your board. The stiffness in the straps goes a long way to helping the binding stay useful. The frame is on the softer side of medium, but has enough to get your power into the board effectively enough.

Ride: This is mostly dictated by the mini disc and tripod frame. The design is built to shift your gear dynamic from board and binding as one unit to boot and binding on top of the board as one unit. It has a looser feel but the pods are positioned right to get your effort topside and heel side into the board effectively. The pods being urethane also add a level of dampening to the board.

Rider in Mind: loose rider looking to surf everything or jib everything.

Personal Thoughts: This binding, when under the Lien name, didn’t make sense. It was a fancy Hurrithane at best and did very little more than that binding. With the Hurrithane gone and with the stiffer straps this is a usable binding. If you’re looking for a surfy feel or are curious how highback-less feels but can’t commit, this is a good option.