Snowboard Iskola

Board: Lib Tech BRD

Size: 159

Camber Option: Lib Tech’s C3. Camber dominant from tip to tail with a micro rocker zone between the feet. Basically camber 2.0

Bindings: K2 Lien AT, Medium

Stance: Goofy, 21in wide, 18/0

Boots: DC Tucknee size 8

My Weight: 155lbs

Resort: Breckenridge

Conditions: Slushy early spring conditions that are firm and chundery in the morning and soft and sloppy by mid day.

Flex: Directional flex moving from a softer nose to a stiffer tail. Overall a freeride flex that doesn’t feel overbearing. Puts it on the stiffer side of all mountain, and just below middle of the road for a freeride board.

Stability: More on the lively side of freeride. It stayed composed through the worst of the spring chop, but you do feel it. It’s not quite got enough beef to just plow through anything in front of it, but enough not to get bucked around. You have to have some control and skill to keep it on line through chunder, but it will do the job with some controlled input.

Ollies/Pop: It’s a load and snap kind of board, and one that asks for a more particular load point. A little bit outside the insert pack is where you’ll get the most out of it, and when you do, it’s pretty damn good. Quick snaps will get you up there, but don’t expect to be impressed by the amplitude you get from them.

Butterability: This was the absolute highlight of the board. Low speed weight and spread are a chore, but blasting at speeds, popping, and loading the tail it had the perfect flex to lay into and get rad. I probably did more wheelies and tail slashes on this in one run than any other board I’ve ridden.

Carving: It will give you what you want. It can turn quick with a little extra effort to engage the center of the sidecut, medium turns come naturally, and fast long turn are definitely its specialty. It will respond to most styles in turning input, stay centered and keep it centered, start from the front and move your way to the tail, or turn off the tail, it’ll turn.

Rider in Mind: Freeride all mountain rider

Personal Thoughts: One of the better freeride boards from Lib I’ve been on. I have found that most of their more dedicated freeride boards tend to be a little overdone. Too stiff and too demanding for the average rider. The BRD was a nice departure from that, it was accessible and not a chore or boring to ride at slower speeds. Solid option for the sidecountry hiker or someone that just likes to go fast and ride hard.