Snowboard Iskola

Board: Marhar Woodsman

Size: 145

Camber Option: Flat to rocker in the nose and tail that starts after the inserts.

Bindings: Bent Metal Transfers Medium

Stance: Goofy, 21in wide, 18/0

Boots: DC Tucknee

My Weight: 155lbs

Resort: Breckenridge

Conditions: Late season spring pow, 5-8 inches with more blown up in some areas. A little heavier but good snow.

Flex: Stiff through most of the board, the most amount of flex comes out of the nose but boards this short are pretty much always on the stiffer side. Rock solid tail and a stiffer torsional flex.

Stability: Through the soft snow and chopped up pow it held its line as well as anything this short can. Through really rough stuff it gets bounced around and you really ride over it than truly through any of it.

Ollies/Pop: This short of a tail doesn’t really offer very much. Pretty much all the snap you’re gonna get is gonna come out of you legs. It’s up to you to get yourself into the air.

Butterability: The tail with high speed butters in soft snow is great. It pushes through and offers a super fun feel. There is just enough tail there that you can still push into it and it is plenty stiff enough to lay into when you do.

Carving: Great turning through soft snow and slashing around. On harder snow it’s average at best. Keep your weight from getting too far towards the tail and it will get the job done, but not really a board I’m grabbing if there isn’t any soft snow to be found.

Rider in Mind: Anyone looking for a volume shifted pow deck

Personal Thoughts: I have been on most of the volume shifted pow decks out there, and find that they generally come in two flavours. I normally ride somewhere around 158 for a normal pow oriented board, a regular volume shift puts me into the 150-154 range, and then there is what I have been calling ultra volume shift boards, below 150. Honestly until I rode the Woodsman, I had just accepted that ultra volume shift boards weren’t for me. Well, the Woodsmen is the board for me. It is quick and nimble with enough board not to feel too kicked around and the right blend of sidecut and stiffness not to be a boring turner. In my opinion it is still a quiver board primarily for soft snow, but pretty much the only sub 150cm board I would consider for myself, it’s just extremely rideable.

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