Snowboard Iskola

Binding Model: Now IPO

Binding Size: Medium

Stance and Angles: 21.5 Wide 15 Negative 12 Goofy

Boot Used: K2 Thraxis

Boot Size: 10

Board Used: Arbor Westmark Rocker

Rider Weight: 195lbs

Location: Copper Mountain

Conditions: Late day spring laps consisting of slush and chunder with bluebird skies, warmer temps, and moderate wind.

Binding Adjustability: This binding has some solid adjustment options. You have flip cams to center the toe and heel straps, you can rotate the highbacks, and the ability to change out the bushing on the bottom for soft, medium or hard.

Straps: The toe strap is rubber and conforms to just about any boot shape. When tightened down it pulls across the toe box perfectly. The heels trap is that new age injected foam style that reduces weight and materials, but gives a better hold.

Ratchets: The ratchets worked smoothly and never locked up. I will say that the toe ratchets were a bit snug and took a little more effort to release as they were pretty new, but I foresee this dissipating with time.

Highbacks: The highback is a bit lower than normal. Which in my opinion is nice as you don’t have to worry about it biting the back of your leg.

Binding Flex: The overall flex of this binding is a bit more surfy all mountain. You can drive into it when you need to or you can be a bit more laid back. I did feel there was a bit of lateral flex which let you tweak grabs more or drive into slashy turns with ease.

Ride: The ride is what I would call surfy precision. It can be mellow and laid back or it can be forceful when you need it. It’s smooth and stable where it counts and did a great job of dissipating micro vibrations in the board.

Rider in Mind: All mountain rider that does it all.

Personal Thoughts: The lateral flex was a bit much for me, I’d personally want something that’s a bit stiffer. But that power transmission from toe to heel is just intense. You can really drive into the edge of the board with these. Also that shorter highback is nice as you don’t have to worry about calf bite.