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Snowboard Iskola

Board: Rome Gangplank

Size: 152

Camber Option: Contact Rocker. Flat to rocker.

Bindings: K2 Indy

Stance: 21.5 Wide 15 Negative 12 Goofy

Boots: K2 Thraxis Size 10

My Weight: 195lbs

Resort: Arapahoe Basin

Conditions: Sunny blue skies with some clouds, zero wind, warm temps, snow that was mashed potatoes, lumpy, sometimes icy, and a little firm in the shade.

Flex: This board comes in with a middle of the road park flex. You have softer tips for playing around, stiffer under foot, and then softer again between the feet. There’s also a lot of torsional flex.

Stability: This board is stable for a park board. Which means you’ll feel some chatter and in really rutted out terrain it will get bounced around. It’s a very lively board.

Ollies: This board has skate style pop which means you don’t have to load the board up to engage it. This is nice for anyone that likes to pop last minute. The Hot Rods in the tips give a lot of snap out of the rocker zone.

Pop On Jumps: While there really aren’t any medium or bigger jumps at the Basin right now I’d say this board could easily hand a 30 foot jump. Anything smaller than that will be ideal. This board pops off the lip with ease.

Butterability: Those tips are butter machines. You have rocker and a softer flex so of course it’s easy to press into them. You can get weird with this board. The nice thing is that there is snap out of the tips due to the Hot Rods but you only feel this come into play when you release the press you’re in, it never tries to fight you.

Jibbing: This board is easy to engage in a press. You can pretty much lean into it and it will lock in. There is some pop out of it but it never fights you. When you go sideways through a feature it doesn’t hug it as much as other boards but there’s enough grip that it feels solid. Basically if you like to jib this board has you covered.

Carving: This board is quick and nimble. You’ll notice how fast it transitions from toe to heel. While you can rip a hard carve on this board there are limitations and you will over power it at some point. Be prepared for this. It’s best for quick set up turns and mildly aggressive carves.

Rider in Mind: Jib guy that likes a little snap.

Personal Thoughts: This board doesn’t disappoint for what it’s marketed as. It’s playful where you want it yet still has pop which makes it a bit more versatile. In my opinion it’s just a rockered version of the Buckshot.

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The post The 2020 Rome Gangplank Snowboard Review appeared first on The Angry Snowboarder.