Snowboard Iskola

Board: Rome Warden

Size: 155

Camber Option: Fusion Camber. Mostly camber with a micro traditional rocker zone.

Bindings: Rome Black Labels

Stance: 21.5 Wide 15 Negative 12 Goofy

Boots: K2 Thraxis Size 10

My Weight: 200lbs

Resort: Copper Mountain

Conditions: Sunny blue skies, cooler temps, and perfect snow to chunder snow and ice.

Flex: This board is just below a middle of the road all mountain flex. You have an abundance of play in the tips then it stiffens up through the inserts to the dead center where it gets soft again. You’ll notice that the sweet spots in the tip are immense.

Stability: This board is stable under foot but chatters in the tip and tail. You’ll feel any chatter accrued from charging through uneven terrain resonating into the insert pack. It’s a board that if you keep your knees bent you won’t get bucked around as the board does contour to every variation in the terrain.

Ollies: Fusion camber is easy to load up and has some solid rebound from it. You don’t have to be fully calculated or committed to engage it you just have to know how to load it to get snap. This makes the board have an almost skate like snap to it.

Pop On Jumps: This board is at home on jumps. It sucks up the transition with ease and pops off the lip. It’s a board for someone that’s coming off smaller jumps and progressing to the medium line.

Butterability: The tips have an immense sweet spot and that means you can really lock it into a butter and have it hold. What is nice is that with the camber under foot this gives you snap out of anything you try but it won’t fight you. Butter all you want because this board can spread that margarine all over the resort.

Jibbing: This board is at home on rails, boxes, and bonks. You can slap, bend, flex, and drive it into any feature you want. It locks in and holds well on a feature but has the snap to get off the end of it and over the death divot that might form in the landing.

Carving: When it comes to ease of transition from edge to edge, this board is prime. The sidecut is dialed for doing tight quick carves or for even laying out a Euro-carve or two. You’ll notice that the abundance of torsional flex makes this board snappy in and out of carves. I will say that if you really push it to the limit and are driving your back knee into the center and forcing the tail to push out it can wash out.

Rider in Mind: Solid progressing high level beginner to intermediate rider.

Personal Thoughts: This board feels like a softer Agent. A board that can do it all and keep you out there shredding because you’re on a budget. Is it the top of the line? No, but it’s not a bottom of the barrel deck either. I had a blast fiddling around on the slopes with this thing and it did not disappoint.