Snowboard Iskola

Board: Rossignol Sashimi Light

Size: 152

Camber Option: Amptek Elite. It’s camrock with transition points just outside the insert packs.

Bindings: Burton Klutch medium

Stance: Goofy, 21in wide, 18/0 and 18/+3

Boots: DC Tucknee size 8

My Weight: 155lbs

Resort: Keystone, Breck

Conditions: Keystone had gotten a little bit of snow the day before, so there were some goodies left in some stashes here and there. Decent pow, maybe 4-5in on top of crud pack. Breck was full on epic send it pow. They didn’t bother grooming the runs edge to edge leaving the sides untouched. It was waist deep in spots.

Flex: Middle to just below middle for you typical pow deck. Slight reverse directional flex that helps to keep the nose flat to a minimum and makes the tail buttery.

Stability: Realistically this is built for someone near 40lbs less than me geared up, and they also call it a women’s board. Honestly though, Rossignol should revisit their weight ranges on this and revisit the “women’s” bit, cause at my weight and boot size I had no trouble on this. Really pushing the top end the nose does flap and the board does tend to skip around under my weight through crud and chopped up snow, but the lite frame does a pretty good job keeping things composed and from feeling out of control. Not for chunder busting or pointing faces, but enough stability to satisfy me for a full Summit Country pow day.

Ollies/Pop: Average at best. This was really the only portion of the board where I felt like I was over the weight limit. I could tell it wanted to have more snap, it just doesn’t quite have the guts for it. Much better reaction to a skate style snap at my weight and there is enough in the tail to actually get some push-off in deeper snow.

Butterability: The nose is huge and not stiff. Throw your weight over it push. Easy and wicked fun in deep snow. Tail is short and softer, not much there to butter taking a little more precision to lock in, but it doesn and you can pay around.

Carving: It has a good sidecut that lends itself a little more to quicker snappier carves than long big turns and trying to lay it all the way over the nose would buckle under too high of an entry speed or to high angle of terrain. Not my pick for groomer slaying, but it turns nice and is super nimble in the trees.

Rider in Mind: Lighter riders or women looking for a super floaty pow deck with some camber.

Personal Thoughts: I know the non-light of this comes in a 52 and would love to get on it to see if the snap and carving is a bit better for me, but at the same time I am having a hard time giving this back. I have ridden most of the mainstream and a few of the lesser known volume shifted or tree oriented pow decks out there and this is one of my favorites to date. It is super nimble, actually floats in feel and volume like a bigger board, and was super easy to move around on. I am strongly urging Rossignol to drop the women’s marketing behind this, call it unisex, and I think a 49 would be a huge addition. I could maybe see a bit of bamboo in the tail to add a bit more snap without really stiffening up the board too much, but that’s getting pretty nitpicky on a board I really enjoyed.