Snowboard Iskola

Binding Model: Halldor Pro

Binding Size: One Size Fits All

Stance and Angles: 21.5 Wide 15 Negative 12 Goofy

Boot Used: K2 Thraxis

Boot Size: 10

Board Used: Arbor Westmark Rocker

Rider Weight: 195lbs

Location: Copper Mountain

Conditions: Mix of bluebird and clouds, low wind, high visibility, slushy spring snow, fast fresh corduroy, and perfect spring conditions.

Binding Adjustability: If there was ever a binding with more adjustability than you needed, this was it. Toe ramp, heel ramp, heel cup, forward lean, and strap placement. You can adjust it all. Plus lets talk about the fact this is a one size fits all binding that means it fits from an 8 to a 13. 8 TO 13! You understand what that means. Plus Switchback is all about tool-less adjustability, although when you find yourself hitting the heel cup with a hammer to get it into place there might be something wrong.

Straps: The straps do their job and are of the older Switchback variety. The toe strap is a little firm and doesn’t fully conform to your boots toe box. The heel strap feels rigid but these were right out of the box and I believe they will break in.

Ratchets: Honestly had no issues with these. They tightened down as needed and released as wanted. The one finger quick release is really solid and does its job.

Highbacks: Fuck these things. 1. They lock into place and stay locked when they’re up which if you’re riding a low swinging chair means they’re going to get hit so you find yourself kicking them down, sure not a big deal, but someone is going to get their snapped off. 2. These are really rigid, I mean there’s next to no give in them. 3. That wing can be an issue if you have boa as it sits right where the knob is. This means you’re pushing into the knob on the outside of your boot and that causes a push point or hot spot.

Binding Flex: I figured these bindings would be a bit softer as they’re Halldors, nope. This binding is on the stiffer side, it feels almost like a freeride binding in the chassis and highback but more all mountain in the straps. You can feel a little give underfoot from the mini disk but not a lot. Overall I’d rather ride a freeride board with these than a freestyle deck.

Ride: The ride is very rigid, there’s a lot of power in this binding and it gets you from edge to edge super quick. Not exactly what you would expect from a more park focused rider. There isn’t a lot of give and you notice that your movements seem to be over exaggerated when you drive into the binding.

Rider in Mind: Halldor Helgason or one of his fan boys.

Personal Thoughts: When you find yourself cursing out this binding and screaming at it for not being easy to adjust you know there’s an issue. When you have to use a hammer to hit pieces into place that really removes the idea of it being tool-less. The adjustability on some pieces is really straight forward and on others seems counter intuitive. Also the one size fits all idea isn’t good, sure you save on mold costs, but saying a binding will fit an 8 to a 13 that’s a bit of a stretch. The flex is super rigid on these and frankly couldn’t believe that. Overall wasn’t impressed and was one of the worst bindings I’ve ridden in modern memory.

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