Snowboard Iskola

Board: Bataleon Global Warmer

Size: 151

Camber Option: Mellow camber with Jib 3BT.

Bindings: Rome Black Label

Stance: 21.5 Wide 15 Negative 12 Goofy

Boots: K2 Thraxis Size 10

My Weight: 200lbs

Resort: Copper Mountain

Conditions: Sunny bluebird skies, zero wind, warmer temps, and perfect hero snow for park riding.

Flex: Lets be real here it’s a jib board with a little snap to it and I’m clearly too big for the 151. It’s soft where it needs to be but wasn’t an overly limp noodle. You have playful tips as you would expect then it’s stiffer right under the insert pack and softens up again through the middle. There’s a lot of torsional flex to it but that’s to be expected.

Stability: Yeah this board is chattery at high speeds in rutted out terrain, yeah it’s not the most stable board out there. But what it lacks in full on stability it makes up for with liveliness. Did it wash out on me? No and a lot of that has to do with the carbon cross beams under the inserts.

Ollies: This board has snap to it. The camber profile is easy to load up and engage which is nice, it almost feels skate like with how easy it is to engage. When you do load it up this board boosts as you would expect.

Pop On Jumps: It’s got enough snap for jumps which is an added bonus to a jib board. The lip definitely does a majority of the work, but if you load it up you’re going to pop more.

Butterability: There is a HUGE sweet spot out in the tip and tail for locking into butters. The Jib 3BT and Sidekick technology really spoons the tips out so you don’t have to worry about it catching while you swivel and sizzle. Slow or fast this board locks in to a butter and then snaps out of it.

Jibbing: So lets talk about Jib 3BT for one second here. If you’re not on the flat section of it then yeah this board kind of gets soggy for presses, but if you’re on the flat section then this thing locks in amazingly and has snap to pop out of any feature. Going sideways it hugs the feature and you feel locked in.

Carving: This is not its strong suit if you’re looking to rail deep aggressive carves, but if you’re doing mellow set up turns or just carving around the idiot kid that head butted a rail in front of you then it’s got you. You’ll notice right away that you can over power the board in a carve and that the nose or tail will fold if you push it to the limit.

Rider in Mind: Jib kid that likes to hit small to medium sized jumps.

Personal Thoughts: Every time I get on the Global Warmer it’s always on a size that’s too small for me, but it never disappoints. It’s like a Wallie on crack that lets you jump off everything in sight and still get your presses in. The fact that it’s stable right under foot is an added bonus and really benefits you.

Comparable Boards: Nidecker Sensor, Ride Kink, Rome Artifact.