Snowboard Iskola

Binding Model: Ride C-10

Binding Size: Medium

Stance and Angles: 21.5 Wide 15 Negative 12 Goofy

Boot Used: K2 Thraxis

Boot Size: 10

Board Used: K2 Cool Bean

Rider Weight: 200lbs

Location: Copper Mountain

Conditions: Gray skies with a storm rolling in, some fresh snow, warmer temps, and a little bit of chunder and ice.

Binding Adjustability: You have the standard flip cams for lengthening or shortening straps. There’s a slot to slide the heel strap forward or backward. You get two different disks one that is aluminum and the other is plastic this changes the flex underfoot. There’s two spots for highback rotation as well as a forward lean adjustment on the highback. The toe ramp has a minimal slide option to move it forward or backwards.

Straps: The heel strap is a three piece construction and very minimal so it contours better to the instep of the boot. It’s of that new age design that reduces on excess material and won’t stretch. The toe strap is also very minimal and has a unique shaping to it that makes you almost think they designed it so that it could be rocked over the top instead of over the toe. The cut out on it and the rubber webbing do mold well to most boot shapes.

Ratchets: These things climb well, stay locked, and only twice did I have a release issue with them. The release tab while not the biggest does its job and does it well.

Highbacks: These are stiff where you want them and responsive where you need it. That Slimeback highback has some rebound when you push into it, this is most notable on the outside.

Binding Flex: The overall flex is stiff and you notice that right away. This is a binding for giving power and precision to your ride. You drive into it and the board reacts. The overall flex is very uniform and you don’t notice a difference in the lateral flex compared to edge to edge. You can slightly tweak the flex by swapping from the aluminum to the plastic disks.

Ride: This is a damp reactive ride that feels forceful.

Rider in Mind: Hard charging freeride guy.

Personal Thoughts: This is too much binding for me personally. I can tell you that right from the start. You drive hard into it and it gives you a lot of power from it. I’m not a fan of the toe strap it just seems a bit too minimal to get a proper fit on all boot shapes. The highback is assertive and rebounds due to the urethane in it. Overall if you want some power and precision this isn’t a bad thing to look at, it helps that it does have solid dampening underfoot.