Snowboard Iskola

Board: Jones Ultra Mountain Twin

Size: 157

Camber Option: Camrocker. Camber underfoot rocker in the tip and tail.

Bindings: Rome Black Label

Stance: 21.5 Wide 15 Negative 12 Goofy

Resort: Copper Mountain

Conditions: Sunny bluebird skies with pockets of clouds, moderate winds at times, cold temps, firm fast snow, wind blown powder pockets, heavy pow, ice, chunder, and fresh corduroy.

Flex: As this is the Ultra version of the Mountain Twin it is on the stiffer side. It’s definitely a higher end all mountain flex which means there’s a stiffer mid section through that camber portion and every so slightly softer tips due to the rocker. The torsional flex is there and while not overly abundant you do notice it and it does help with the steering of this board.

Stability: This board is lively yet damp where it counts. You do get some chatter in the tips but it’s nothing mind blowing and won’t overpower you when you charge. Sure you feel a little bit underfoot but the mid section of this board does a great job of absorbing vibrations and allowing you to not get knocked around in rutted out terrain.

Ollies: The snaps there and you do have to be mildly aggressive with loading up the camber profile to get it to engage. When you do this and flex into the rocker section it gives a spring board effect which gives you its pop. This is a deck you have to be slightly calculated on how you pop off things but not fully on your A game.

Pop On Jumps: This is where this board truly shines it’s designed for hitting jumps and boosting into the air. So come in hot and pop off the lip because you’re about to send it to the danger zone. Small, medium, large features it doesn’t matter this is where this board is at home as it’s built for going bigger and faster.

Butterability: Surprisingly this board wasn’t hard to butter for its flex. That 3D shaping in the tips helps keep things buttery and the edges from hooking up. While you do have to get your weight out over the nose or tail you aren’t man handling it the whole time you can be a little more laid back. Sure there’s spring out of the camber zone and that is to be expected so be aware of the mild amount of fight the board has in the mid section.

Jibbing: A little speed goes a long way with this board. It’s not the most jib centric board I’ve ridden in this category but it does get the job done. Much like buttering you have to get your weight out over the tips to get it to lock in and when it locks in for a press you know it. The snap from the camber is there to get you to pop out of any feature. Now when you go sideways it does take a bit more effort as this is the stiffest section of the board and while it cradles the feature it does not hug or clap out on the feature instead it balances on it.

Carving: This board has a very quick edge to edge transmission and you notice that right away. The 3D shaping helps keep that outer contact point elevated so the edge to edge roll is fluid and nimble. When you get it on edge it engages outside the front foot and then steers more underfoot. When you rail this board on edge it does lock in and stay locked in but doesn’t fully lay over like other boards. So as can be predicted there are some limitations on this board but for most people they won’t notice it. Short quick set up turns, mellow to aggressive carves, and even the occasional Euro-carve are its friend here.

Rider in Mind: High end all mountain freestyle rider that wants a beefier board.

Personal Thoughts: It’s been a hot minute since I rode the Ultra Mountain Twin and this did not disappoint. While Jones has made the Mountain Twin and this softer over the last few seasons, the flex on this is still more aggressive but it doesn’t want to kill you. I prefer this one over the regular MT any day of the week as you can push into this as need be and have a bit more power. It’s also more stable which is nice in rutted out terrain or for hauling ass on a firm fast groomer in the morning.

Comparable Boards: Capita Super DOA, Ride Benchwarmer, Nitro Beast

Binding Recommendations: Rome Katana, Now Select, Ride C-8