Snowboard Iskola

Board: Rossignol Revenant

Size: 154

Camber Option: Amptek All Mountain. Camber dominant camrocker.

Bindings: Rome Black Label

Stance: 21.5 Wide 15 Negative 12 Goofy

Boots: K2 Thraxis Size 10

My Weight: 200lbs

Resort: Copper Mountain

Conditions: Overcast gray skies with high visibility, snow falling at times, wind, frozen firm fast corduroy, soft and creamy corduroy, slush on the lower mountain, ice, and some chunder for good measure.

Flex: This is your standard all mountain freestyle board flex. Little bit of play in the tips with the nose being slightly softer than the tail. It’s stiffer through the middle of the board where the camber is but still has some nice torsional flex so you can twist the board.

Stability: This board is moderately stable which means you get chatter in the tips that does resonate back underfoot from time to time. In rutted out chunder and terrain it can get knocked around but still manages to stay on top of it.

Ollies: The snap is there and the camber is easy to engage. When it’s loaded it activates the rocker section and gives it a skate like pop which gives you the ability for on the fly boost off rollers, sidehits, and cat track gaps. It’s not the snappiest board out there but it’s got more than enough to keep you covered.

Pop On Jumps: This thing is at home on jumps and feels secure when you pop off the lip. Load that camber up and let the lip do some of the work with you. At the end of the day it’s got more than enough to get your air awareness satisfied so go hit that small, medium, or even large jump.

Butterability: The rocker in the nose and tail give you a nice platform to butter on. When you get on the tail or nose you can feel the flex point right where the camber meets the rocker and it just flexes effortlessly and feels locked in but still retains the snap out of it. So go swivel and sizzle kids you’ll be fine, just be aware of the rebound and know how to keep your weight out over the tips.

Jibbing: It’s got the right blend of flex to get you into a press but not be a floppy noodle. The rocker in the tips helps with landing in a press and you do retain the snap of the camber section which can sometimes over power your press so be aware of that. Going sideways the camber section locks in and feels secure so don’t sweat that.

Carving: Here’s the nice thing about this board the edge tech gives you added grip underfoot so you can really drive into a carve. It’s a little loose in the tips but not enough that makes the board feel sloppy. It’s nimble edge to edge and has enough power when you press into the camber section to give you some solid drive out of a deep hard carve. Short quick turns or medium hard carves are its strong suit.

Rider in Mind: All mountain freestyle guy.

Personal Thoughts: Nothings really changed with this board since last year I just wanted to do a refresher on the review. It’s still a super solid all mountain freestyle board that’s very predictable. It’s a well balanced deck that just lets you do everything without being better at any one part of it.

Comparable Boards: Jones Mountain Twin, Capita Mercury, Yes UnInc Basic

Binding Recommendations: Rome Katana, Ride C-8, Now IPO