Snowboard Iskola

Binding Model: Rossignol Viper

Binding Size: M/L

Stance and Angles: 21.5 Wide 15 Negative 12 Goofy

Boot Used: K2 Thraxis

Boot Size: 10

Board Used: Telos Mike Ranquet

Rider Weight: 200lbs

Location: Copper Mountain

Conditions: Gray skies with high visibility, moderate winds at times, cold temps, fresh snow on top of corduroy, heavy pow in the trees and off the runs, and of course your favorite CHUNDER!

Binding Adjustability: There’s push tabs on the toe and heel strap that let you adjust the length. Convenient but also had the toe one release twice on me. There’s a three pin placement for the toe ladder and strap. The heel strap has three spots on the chassis you can move it to, it also doubles as the highback rotation. There’s a press tab to slide the toe ramp forward or backward, it’s simple to use and most people will probably overlook it. Finally you have your forward lean adjustment on the highback.

Straps: There’s not much to these straps as they’re utilizing that minimalist design and a mix of nylon and composites. The plastic is a bit rigid and doesn’t have as much give as others like it. The toe strap has issues conforming to certain boot shapes while the heel strap seems to work on most insteps on boots. I will say that for being in a M/L binding the straps seemed to be almost too big.

Ratchets: Well these are garbage. The release tab catches the level when it its recoiling back and causes them to stick. Sure they feed well and they climb OK but man they are cheap. This is like a rental binding.

Highbacks: It’s there, it does its job, and it’s nothing special. You can push into it and it will flex.

Binding Flex: The overall flex is just below a middle of the road making it more of a freestyle/entry level binding.

Ride: These feel like a binding from the past. There’s a huge dead spot under foot coupled with a lot of lateral play due to the flex.

Rider in Mind: Someone that’s on a budget and doesn’t know any better.

Personal Thoughts: Do better! That’s what I want to say about these bindings Rossignol. They’re crap, I have ridden worse bindings and those are usually generic knock off open mold options that companies slap their logo on. These are built specifically for Rossignol. Do better! The people that buy your boards should have an option that isn’t a rental binding.

Comparable Bindings: K2 Indy, Ride C-2, Rome Slice