Snowboard Iskola

Board: Telos Lumerian

Size: 159

Camber Option: Setback camber with a long nose rocker.

Bindings: Rome Black Label

Stance: 21.5 Wide 15 Negative 12 Goofy

Boots: K2 Thraxis Size 10

My Weight: 200lbs

Resort: Arapahoe Basin

Conditions: Sunny bluebird skies, a little wind, cold temps, and some of the most hard packed wind loaded powder I’ve ever ridden with frozen groomers underneath.

Flex: The overall flex of this board comes in just above a middle of the road and even that it’s not much above it. It’s not overly stiff. You do have a slight directional flex to it with the nose being softer and a lot of that is due to the rocker then it’s a consistent flex from outside the front insert back to the tail. There is a decent amount of torsional give to it as well.

Stability: The nose is a little loose and does get flap at high speeds as well as folds back when encountering a frozen windlip or death chunder. But the main body of it is actually predictably stable. This means that you can charge on it and expect to feel some chatter underfoot but its not a fully damp ride that just crushes everything in its path. This board does get knocked around a bit in really rutted out terrain.

Ollies/Pop: The camber profile is super easy to load up and what you put in is what you get out. The snap is there so just load it up and pop as need be.

Butterability: That nose rocker works wonders for high speed pow butters. Get your weight out over it and just have it lock in and feel the rebound out of the camber section. The tail does leave a bit more to be desired but then again it’s a swallow tail so who really cares?

Carving: The edge to edge transition on this board is fluid and smooth. This is a board you can be laid back if you want to but you can also drive it hard if you want. What’s nice is that the rocker in the nose lets the board enter in and out of turns with ease but the drive comes from the camber section. Once you’re in the carve you can disengage the front foot and drive it from outside the rear to really slingshot in and out of turns. The edge hold is there and feels mostly locked in and doesn’t want to kick out.

Rider in Mind: Powder day enthusiast.

Personal Thoughts: It’s slightly stiffer than their Caldera model which is nice for some added stability and edge hold, but it’s not over powering. It’s a very approachable swallowtail that doesn’t make you over think what it’s capable of doing. Sure the conditions were pretty much wind hammered powder but it punched through everything with ease and stayed on top of it. This board is very predictable with how it rode.

Comparable Boards: Endeavor Archetype, Libtech Retro Ripper, Amplid Morning Glory

Recommended Bindings: Rome Black Labels, Now Select Pro, Bent Metal Cor-Pro