Snowboard Iskola

Board: Yes Hybrid UnInc. DCP

Size: 153

Camber Option: Camrock 1-4-1. A more mellow rocker mixed with a medium camber for the camrock.

Bindings: Rome Black Labels

Stance: 21.5 Wide 15 Negative 12 Goofy

Boots: K2 Thraxis Size 10

My Weight: 200lbs

Resort: Copper Mountain

Conditions: Overcast skies, cooler temps, snow falling, a little wind. fresh pow over crusty firm snow, crisp firm to icy groomers, and everyone’s favorite chunder.

Flex: This board comes in with an ever so slightly past middle of the road freeride directional flex to it. This gives it a softer nose that is noticeable then it stiffens up before the front insert pack and progressively gets stiffer towards the tail. The torsional flex is highly abundant and easy to twist.

Stability: The width and camber through the middle really give this board some added stability. The nose gets flap at high speeds and folds back when pushing through chunder and chop. This is noticeable under the front foot. The mid section of the board is really where it’s the most stable and that’s to be expected it just cruises through everything with ease.

Ollies/Pop: The Camrocker profile is easy to load up and that camber section helps utilize the rocker in the tail to give a springboard effect to pop with it. Once you load it up you never have to really worry about getting the pop you want. The nice thing is it’s also relatively easy to load up and has almost a skate-like effect to it.

Butterability: This board is playful where it counts for butters. The nose is the optimal place for doing pow butters and has a huge platform to play with. It’s easy to get your weight out over the nose but the camber section takes over and gives you some fight. Be prepared for this and also aware of the sidecut technology as you swivel around, I found it a bit hooky at times. The tail is a bit stiffer but you can still get sideways and swivel around as needed which means you can do more than high speed wheelies on it.

Carving: This board is a little slower edge to edge than its contemporaries so expect a slight delay on the edge to edge power transmission. It is fluid but not nimble and that makes it predictable but not calculated. Now on firm icy snow I noticed that the back contact point under the rear foot of the Tapered Underbite sometimes would hook up and then kick out a little. It was only when the conditions were perfect for this to happen, the rest of the time it did its job. I will say this though you steer this board more outside the front foot for initiating the turns and then drive it from inside the back foot. It isn’t a board you steer or power through off the back foot but instead inside it. Can it carve? Yes, but it’s delayed and not the most aggressive. It feels more like a subdued The Y. than anything.

Rider in Mind: Resort ripping, pow chasing, tree riding, freerider.

Personal Thoughts: I’ve ridden the regular Hybrid and now this version which is pretty much identical. It felt a little more delayed and was a bit hooky in the icy terrain. It’s still a fun board and the flex is perfect for riding medium to low angle pow with ease. It even handles steeper terrain when you get into it. I like the way it rides trees as you can get into a more surfy slashy method of riding between the trees. It floats well and has the pop you want.

Comparable Boards: Telos Backslash, Ride Superpig, Rome Service Dog

Recommended Bindings: Now IPO, Burton Malavita, Union Strata