Snowboard Iskola

Board: Amplid Snommellier

Size: 166

Camber Option: Low camber with early rise.

Bindings: Rome Black Label

Stance: 21.5 Wide 15 Negative 12 Goofy

Boots: K2 Thraxis Size 10

My Weight: 200lbs

Resort: Monarch Mountain

Conditions: Cloudy and overcast in the morning with snow falling, slightly sunny and windy in the afternoon. In between those two extremes it was cold, covered in pow in excess of 12 inches, and a mix of chop and chunder.

Flex: So the overall flex comes in just above a middle of the road powder charger. That makes it a little more stiff but it is still directional in nature. That means softer nose progressing into a stiffer tail. The cutout of the swallowtail does have a bit more give when on edge vs flat basing that you will know. The torsional flex is minimal but it is enough to help with abrupt changes when maneuvering it.

Stability: This board is super stable. Whether charging deep untracked pow or even chopped out heavier pow it just cuts through everything with ease. Rarely do you notice yourself getting bounced around, it just wants to keep on charging. Even on a groomed run it’s smooth and consistent.

Ollies/Pop: While not the snappiest thing out there it has enough pop to help you porpoise when you’re romping through some fresh snow or hitting a roller. The size of this board does make it a little sluggish so be aware that if you’re a more laid back rider you might have to manhandle it.

Butterability: I buttered the nose a few times and the size of this board is just a bear to do that with. You need to find a steeper line you feel comfortable with that has pow on it to get anything optimal with it. But that’s not what this board is made for so get back to smashing pow.

Carving: On edge this board cuts through chop and stays connected. You feel a sense that this board can charge a carve if you need it to. I will say when you really try to lay it over there’s some limitations just due in part to the size and swallow tail of this board. But this is a deck you’re going to be smashing pow on not ripping groomers. Can it carve? Sure. Is it the best? Nope and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Rider in Mind: The deep days pow guy.

Personal Thoughts: There’s something about hoping on an Amplid that just sticks out. They have this lively yet damp ride that makes them predictable but stable. Like a well oiled machine that you’ve worked with a thousand times. This is their deep day gun and getting it into above knee deep snow was ideal for testing it. If you have an Amplid and need a deep days deck then yes this is something to look at, if you don’t, well you can watch the review and imagine yourself on a deep day with it.

Comparable Boards: Telos Caldera, Lib Tech Retro Ripper

Recommended Bindings: K2 Lien AT, Rome Katana, Nitro Phantom