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Board: Capita DOA

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Size: 156

Camber Option: Resort V 1 Profile. Micro rocker in the tips, flat section, then camber from outside the inserts through the middle. Basically camrocker.

Bindings: Rome Black Label

Stance: 21.5 Wide 15 Negative 12 Goofy

Boots: K2 Thraxis Size 10

My Weight: 200lbs

Resort: Copper Mountain

Conditions: A mix of blue and overcast skies, some wind with colder gusts, ice, perfect corduroy, and lumpy snow for good measure.

Flex: With the change in the core this year the overall flex of the board feels softer. The tips which are softer than the middle section have an immense sweet spot that runs all the way to the middle of the insert pack. This means you get a ton of play in the tip and tail. The torsional flex is highly abundant and lets you twist this board as needed.

Stability: There’s a bit of chatter in the tips when you get into rutted out terrain at speed. Underfoot the board can get bucked around if you’re not prepared for the flex and the amount of give that it has. This board is highly lively and not very damp.

Ollies: The snap is predictable with this board and takes very little effort to get it to load up and engage. It’s got enough pop to get you up on a rail, over a slow sign, or off a side hit with ease.

Pop On Jumps: This board can launch off a lip that’s for sure. It’s easy to let this board throw you or you can be a little more calculated and let it pop. The issue I see with this board is that the stability isn’t the strongest for taking it deep or going bigger.

Butterability: The tips are super playful and you can really just leverage your weight with ease. If anything this board is just a little too soft if you put any significant pressure into you can fold the tip. That happened to me more than once.

Jibbing: With the change in the core the tips are way easier to press on and it shows. You have to be less assertive and you’ll still get a deep press with it. This board is a lot easier to press and hold than the older model. Going sideways as it has more stability it slides well and doesn’t clap out.

Carving: There’s a subtle delay in the engagement of this board from edge to edge. This makes it slow down when you try to drive it aggressively into a turn. On edge it holds well if you’re doing a mellow carve, but when you really crank it into a carve it just leaves you wanting more. It’s good for someone that’s not an aggressive carver and never will be, but if you really push it you’ll want more out of the board.

Rider in Mind: All around rider that isn’t too aggressive.

Personal Thoughts: This seems like a step back for this board. It just doesn’t have the added bonus it used to where you could drive harder if need be, it feels like a downgrade with the performance of it. I’m definitely now a Indoor Survival guy fully where as in the past I could ride this and it was predictable and solid. Not sure this is the right move for this board.

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