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Binding Model: Flow NX2 TM

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Binding Size: Large

Stance and Angles: 15 negative 12 goofy

Boot Used: K2 Thraxis

Boot Size: 10

Board Used: Mike Ranquet

Rider Weight: 200lbs

Location: Arapahoe Basin

Conditions: Mix of clouds and blue skies, colder temps, a little dust on crust, lumpy groomers, chop, chunder, and some death cookies for good measure.

Binding Adjustability: This is a stripped down version of other flows so it’s pretty simple. You get flip tabs to adjust the Fusion strap and there’s a dial on the highback for cable tension and that’s it.

Straps: The Fusion strap gives a large surface area to encompass your boots and doesn’t restrict forward drive. If you have instep issues this should be a binding to consider as it does alleviate a lot of the pressure from the middle of the foot and move it upwards. Overall the strap does its job and was easy to dial in.

Ratchets: There’s two positions on the ratchets, open and locked. This allows you to adjust the strap on the fly or come out through the front if the rear is impacted. They climbed well and were easy to put into the locked position.

Highbacks: With the fold down highback you lose a little bit of adjustability with this highback as you can’t rotate it. But you do get that ease of entry into the rear that you so so want. Just slide it right in as it’s flipped down and then pull up on the tab and lock yourself in. The cable tension can be adjusted with a dail and that will to an extent also help with forward lean a little. Don’t expect it to have as much as a regular binding.

Binding Flex: The overall flex of this binding is middle of the road. You get power from toe to heel due to the power triangle concept that Flow utilizes but it’s not overly demanding or under performing, it’s just consistent. Laterally there’s a little give due to the way the strap is built and that helps you be more playful in turns or presses but when you need to crank you can.

Ride: For having an aluminum base it’s actually a fairly damp binding due to the footbed pad. This just cuts off most excessive forms of chatter and leaves you feeling the minimal vibrations.

Rider in Mind: Middle of the road rider that wants that ease of going in the backdoor.

Personal Thoughts: I’m not a Flow guy but I don’t hate it. I understand how it works and how it changes the power distribution dynamic with the highback to top strap to baseplate design. I’m not a fan of the 2.5 degree canting that was a bit excessive for these, but the pads were super thick and did a great job of killing off any excess energy. If I was looking for ease of entry bindings I’d personally just go with the Supermatic over these, but that’s me. I will say this though Flow has come a long way in making their bindings easier to dial in and not worry about spending so much time figuring out how to set them up. I had these things dialed in under 5 minutes from taking them out of the box to putting them on the board.

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