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Board: Gnu Finest

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Size: 157

Camber Option: C2x. Smaller reverse camber section in the middle with more camber under foot.

Bindings: Rome Black Label

Stance: 21.5 Wide 15 Negative 12 Goofy

Boots: K2 Thraxis Size 10

My Weight: 200lbs

Resort: Arapahoe Basin

Conditions: Sunny bluebird skies, warm temps, slush, chop, chunder, a little ice in spots, and perfect hero snow on the groomers.

Flex: This board comes in just past a middle of the road flex. You do have more give in the tips right where the camber section ends then it stiffens up through there to the middle. At the middle the reverse camber section acts as a hinge point and gives this board more flex. The torsional give is there but not overly abundant, it somewhat matches up to the camber section.

Stability: This boards damp to a point which helps with it absorbing chatter and not getting bucked around. When you get into super rutted out chop you can feel it hammering into the C2x profile but it’s not so much that you’re going to get bucked around if you’re aware of it.

Ollies: The snaps there but it’s not overly poppy. It gets the job done and what you put into loading up the camber section is what you get out. It has enough pop to get you in the air off a roller, sidehit, or whatever but it never feels like it’s going to boost you.

Pop On Jumps: It’s got enough snap to hit small and medium features perfectly fine. If you’re brave go hit the big line with it. Is it going to be the board to launch you off the lip? Nope, but if you’re getting weird on snow features you’ll be fine.

Butterability: The sweet spots outside the camber sections take a little effort to lock into a press but when you do you are going to get weird. So use a little speed and muscle and have some fun with whatever variation you are doing and be aware that you can get a little hooky if you’re going slower.

Jibbing: This board locks into presses with a consistency that is predictable which means you know you’ll get a nice little press out of the tips but still retain some pop and only have to mildly work for it. Going sideways try to aim to get the feature under the back or front foot for optimal lock in and not having to fight the reverse camber section.

Carving: This board rolls from edge to edge fluidly and feels locked in. You’ll notice on a heelside carve that the asymmetrical sidecut works and lets you lay it over. When you want to drive the board hard you can push in the rear camber section and get it to apex carves. When you’re more laid back the ankle steering takes a little effort but nothing so much that you feel fatigued afterwards. Basically if you want to do carve variations go for it.

Rider in Mind: Someone that wants a solid freestyle board to get weird with.

Personal Thoughts: This boards damp where it counts and predictable where you need it. While it could be more lively it’s a promodel so who am I to say anything about it. Overall this was just a refresher review of a fun board that I wanted to get back in front of the people.

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