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Better late than never, right? That’s why this podcast is dropping in January and not December. We just had too much on our plate, but we’re diving into talking about a few various topics to keep you entertained. Remember to subscribe if you haven’t yet and as always you can catch the segments and full podcast on our YouTube channel.

This episodes topics:
We touch base on Chamonix and Reeflection Brands.

There’s another new rotational binding. Yes, it sucks, but now it has bluetooth.

Gondola cabin vs. water cannon.

Home to Go’s top 50 ski resorts.

Transworld endorsing Outdoor Master

Yes Avran owns because why not? Salomon/Atomic being bought by Chinese consortium.

Jenkem mags state of skate shops and how it mirrors snowboard shops.

Outside Onlines Best Snowboards list (it’s bullshit)

Whitelines can suck a fart.

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