Snowboard Iskola

For this episode of the podcast Kevin and Avran took questions submitted across various platforms to discuss, debate, and answer. We cover everything from manufacturing, is snowboarding dead, and what the future will hold.

Johnathan Buckhouse via instagram
Are Amazon companies killing snowboard brands?

Charlazoid via instagram
What can your average punter do to make snowboarding more eco friendly?

Buffalo.john via instagram
Why do snowboarders feel they don’t need their boots fit?

David Banks via FB
Is there any benefit to buying second hand boards as you progress until you figure out what brand/type suits your style?

Michael Kulig via VIP
Why is it that companies/brands such as Never Summer and Mervin seem to have such a strong following as compared to K2, Salomon, and Rossi? From what I’ve seen, and ridden they are of better quality, and seem to ride better than the American made brands, yet people still seem to look at them as “ski brands”. Wouldn’t you think that all the years of research and development building skis would give them an edge over the younger “cool” brands?

Jimmy James Dunbar via FB
Is debating the snowboard profile progression from entry level noob to expert a debatable topic? In other words, what profile should a noob start with and then progress to and then progress to and then progress to? If that makes sense. Not sure if it’s debatable.

YouTube via J.D.
What is the max acceptable wait time for lift lines and at what point should resorts cap lift ticket sales?

David from YouTube
Here’s my question – You want to learn to snowboard, You have $750 max for kit, what board, boots and bindings do you buy?

Stefan Osterling via VIP
where do you see snowboarding 10 years from now? in what direction will the equipment go and what would be the dream scenario when thinking of the resorts and how they take care of the snowboarders….. will we all be riding shifty disc??

Greg Aron via FB
The future of snowboard media.

Samestroffliberti via Instagram
Should helmet use be more encouraged?

Wizard_of_the_Mundane via instagram
Is snowboarding actually dead?

Water Bottle via YouTube
I’m my mind the core community of snowboarding seems very healthy and in better shape then most other sports has it always been like this and how can we maintain a healthy community in snowboarding?

Chris Kokkalis via instagram
Why/how has snowboarding influence/popularity dropped since the 90’s/00’s

Ian Mulhall via email
You guys show how important Snowboard Community and culture is to those who enjoy it, But I was wondering what has triggered such a resurgence in skiing, Why it seems a lot of companies are pushing it over snowboarding and what do you believe that us as individuals, a community and especially the Manufacturer’s of the gear we use and locations we visit, do to show that snowboarding isn’t dead and bring us back onto an even playing field as it were.

Elliot George via FB
Snowboarding and the winter Olympics. Has it benefitted our sport? Do you think it represents our sport?

Samestroffliberti via instagram
Does the online market kill local snowboard culture?/Should we support local shops?

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