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Snowboarding enthusiasts were left astounded as Ski Ward, a small ski area in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts, defied the odds by creating a substantial snow pile that allowed them to be the first resort open in the country.

The remarkable feat was made possible by the Latitude 90 system, designed to produce snow even when outdoor temperatures soar as high as 76 degrees Fahrenheit. The ski area had been sharing teasers of their new snowmaking system since its delivery earlier in the summer. However, it was their recent snowmaking test that truly captivated the internet.

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As photos and videos circulated online earlier in the fall, viewers marveled at the sight of a pile of snow growing larger by the minute in the blistering August heat. Such a spectacle is a rarity, leaving many to wonder how this technological marvel pulled off the impossible.

Ski Ward's success with the Latitude 90 system not only garnered widespread attention but also piqued the curiosity of snowboarding enthusiasts and industry professionals alike. This remarkable snowmaking achievement has undoubtedly positioned Ski Ward at the forefront of innovative snowboarding technology, promising exciting possibilities for the future of winter sports.

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