Snowboard Iskola

Board: Korua Transition Finder Plus

Size: 157

Camber Option: Float Camber. Rocker in the nose and camber throughout.

Bindings: Rome Black Label

Stance: 21.5 Wide 15 Negative 12 Goofy

Boots: K2 Thraxis Size 10

My Weight: 200lbs

Resort: Copper Mountain

Conditions: Blue skies with a passing gray haze, some low to moderate winds, warm temps, slush, firm fast groomers, heavy pow, chop and chunder.

Flex: It’s part of their Plus line so automatically it’s going to be stiffer due to the carbon construction. This is a board designed for going fast and charging hard. With that said you get a little more flex in the nose where the rocker is then it stiffens up through the camber zone back to the tail where it gets a little stiffer. The torsional flex is minute but you do notice it being there.

Stability: So with this board being stiff and made of carbon utilizing light weight construction you would think this would be overly stable, and it is to a point. What that means is on a groomer hauling ass you notice how it rides like a rocket ship, but the second you get into anything choppy or uneven you start to feel the kinetic energy of it passing through the board. It’s lively and not damp which means that power has to go somewhere. You feel everything with it but the construction makes it super reactive. If you wanted a damper ride, then the regular version is what you need, but if you want straight raw power then this is it.

Ollies: Loading up that camber section takes effort. You can feel the power being pushed down into the board to get it to react and once it does it wants to spring right back into its shape. This is a board that has power and precision behind it so be aware that you have to be calculated when sending a sidehit, roller, or gap.

Pop On Jumps: The spring off the lip is immense and it gets you into the air. If you’re laid back the lip does the work and this board will still boost you, but if you load it up you’re going to send it. Small to mega it’s got you covered.

Butterability: This takes a lot of work. When you get your weight out over the nose and push into the rocker zone you’re man handling the board, it’s fighting you, and you’re working extra hard to get it to respond. It will fight you the whole time. On the tail if you’re not doing a high speed wheelie the power of this board shines through and lets you know that you will be working overtime to do anything.

Jibbing: Speed is your friend. You want to hit a feature going twice as fast, you want to push twice as much power into it, and you’re going to get a little return. Sure it can nose/tail press but you’re working so hard for it that it almost isn’t worth it. Going sideways on a feature you just feel like you’re balancing on it.

Carving: Now here’s where this board shines. The way that camber profile sits a little back when you push into the center of it you get exceptional power out of the tail. This lets you drive the board from inside the front foot back through the tail. While you engage on the outside of the front foot. Big swoopy turns or deep hard carves you have power, when you throw your hip into the front of the board to do quick carves you feel so much energy being pushed into the board it actually picks up speed. This is a board for laying trenches and popping out of the carve.

Rider in Mind: Hard, fast, and assertive all mountain rider with a aggressive freestyle flare.

Personal Thoughts: I won’t lie, it’s too much board for me. I mean too much. It’s a workout. You’re loading and unloading that camber all the time to drive this board. You’re changing your weight for subtle turns. This is a board that requires power and precision to get the most out of it. I will say that you do notice the difference in the construction especially with how light it is.

Comparable Boards: Jones Ultra Mountain Twin, Nitro Suprateam, Rome Ravine Select

Binding Recommendations: Rome Cleaver, Union Falcor, Ride C-9