Snowboard Iskola

words: Mary Walsh There are plenty of times during the winter season that those above the age of 25, whose snowboarding is personally rewarding but relegated to the medium park and memories of well-executed grabs that become more difficult each year, are prodded by the abilities of kids practically half their age, who deftly spin doublecorks and seem to suffer no consequences when they fall into a street rail. While video parts and big contests serve as reminders of the talent of snowboarding’s youth, there is one event that showcases all of the riders under 21 who absolutely shred and alerts the older generation of the newcomers laying siege to the mountains: The Launch. On Tuesday, April 2nd, eighty of the best snowboarders who aren’t yet allowed to attend afterparties arrived at Bear Mountain for the start of The Launch 2013.

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The Launch 2013 presented by Volcom – day 1 photos and recap