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On April 11th, the second edition of The Uninvited Invitational kicks off at Woodward Park City. We've mentioned it before, but now, the countdown is on.

Last year, the event took over Woodward Tahoe, a metaphorical monsoon of talented women riders from all over the world who caused the tide to raise in real time. It was the in-person realization of boundary-breaking snowboarding created by opportunity and support, the long-held belief of Jess Kimura, who created The Uninvited from her own blood, sweat, and tears, come to life.

This year, the event has expanded further. There's more prize money on the line. $55,000 will be given out during the event—fuel for filming, for travel, for expenses while pursuing pro snowboarding. The riders are coming from even more places. The Uninvited held a European Qualifers earlier this season, a first-of-its-kind event in the region. And while we haven't gotten any leaks, we're sure the set-up is going to build on what the crew started last year, too, providing big and technical features with as much safety as possible. The course isn't just a contest. It's a place to try to new tricks  that could eventually be done in the streets and end up in video parts.

The Uninvited just released the full list of confirmed riders and it's an all-star roster. Riders who have paved the way will be joined by individuals nascent in their careers. A cohesion of styles, perspectives, and abilities from North America, Japan, and Europe at WWPC.


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The riders arrive in Utah on Wednesday and will have two days of riding, practice, and qualifying on Thursday and Friday with the contest finals on Saturday. Saturday, the public is welcome to watch the contest. We recommend bringing a cardboard sign supporting your favorite riders—or all the riders in general.

Stay tuned to @the__uninvited for updates leading up to the event!