Snowboard Iskola

The countdown continues. We're only two days away from the first day of The 2024 Uninvited Invitational, a symposium of women's snowboarding set in the Wasatch.

This year, The Uninvited crew upped the ante even more with a massive prize purse totaling $55,000. That's a lot of dough to fund filming, travel, etc., and it will be spread out among competitors.

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Here's a breakdown of the prizes and cash on the line at The Uninvited Invitational:

🥇 $13,000
🥈 $10,000
🥉 $7,000
💰 $5,000
💰 $3,000

Best Air - $1,500
Best Bail - $1,500
Best Trick - $1,500
Style Award - $1,500
Heart Award - $1,500
Most Creative - $1,500
One To Watch - $1,500

Subary 4 x Day 1 Standout - $500 each
Subaru 4 x Day 2 Standout - $500 each

Subaru 2 x Rookie Award - $1,000 each

Monster Unleash The Beast Award - $1,500
Baldface Lodge Award – A Trip to Baldface

The podium will earn hefty sums, but there's plenty more prizes for stand-out riding, as well as up-and-coming talent. We'll be updating from the event each day, so stay tuned to find out who makes an impression on the judges and walks away with oversized checks. 

But we've gotta say, we're all winners just for having The Uninvited in our lives—and did you know you'll be able to livestream the contest this year? Stay tuned.