Snowboard Iskola

After snowboarding yesterday and renting I was uncomfortable in the boots so I was thinking about buying thoose and then why not buy a board also so now I want a board. 🙂 I don’t have much time to post so I’ll say more tomorrow. Boot size- 9 i think Height-5’4 Weight-135 but by the time I buy it I may be 140 Age-14 budget- lowwww I’m don’t know how much I’ll have saved up by fall but just board say 250-300 is this a good price for a good board for a somewhat beginner and I would like to stay under $600 or $550 at the end(whats the average price for boots and bindings?) Your location of riding- Wisconsin, Colorado, california And I like to just ride one but might want to go on rails and stuff later Thanks! I’ll post more later

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Thinking about buying my first board