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If you're in need of a heartwarming Instagram account to brighten your day, look no further than @chasing.sage. This charming page documents the incredible father-daughter shred duo, Samantha and her dad, as they embark on exciting adventures together. Recently, they shared a clip that melted our hearts and made us smile from ear to ear.

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In their latest post, we witness the adorable sight of Samantha, taking on a new role – as a teacher. Her eager student? None other than her 1.5-year-old little brother, who is just beginning to explore the world of snowboarding. The scene is made even more heartwarming as Sage gently guides her brother down the snowy slope, using a leash attached to his tiny chest.

The bond between these siblings is a sight to behold as they conquer the snow together. Sage's patience and care in teaching her little brother is a testament to the beautiful connection they share as siblings. It's a moment that captures the essence of family, love, and the magic of childhood.

@chasing.sage continues to remind us that there's joy in every moment, especially when shared with loved ones, and this clip is a shining example of that. So, if you need a dose of heartwarming inspiration, head over to their Instagram account and let the adventures of Sage and her family brighten your day.

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