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Tina Basich-Haller needs to introduction. She is one of the first women pro snowboarders, a torchbearer not only for women, but for snowboarding as a whole.

Tina started snowboarding in 1986 and quickly rose to fame as one of the foremost riders in the world. While she has plenty of trophies and medals from the 90s and early 2000s, on Friday she took her place back on the podium at East Street Archive Homesick.

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Tina captioned an image of the women’s OG Downhill race podium, saying:

“Such a crazy day being back in Stratton Vermont racing like it’s 1989! The Homesick event it’s a trip down memory lane. So many old friends, many whom I haven’t seen in 25 years. Today was the giant slalom event and I went fast enough to get second place!! So happy. I wish Addie was here to race with me ❤️ @eaststreetarchives @b4bc @shannon_dunn__downing @lahudson

Tina’s accolades are numerous. She shares the distinction of having the first women’s pro model snowboard alongside friend Shannon Dunn-Downing. She was influential in the development of women’s-specific outerwear. She was instrumental in opening up opportunity for women in snowboarding in a myriad of ways. She published a book about her life and career in 2003 called Pretty Good for a Girl. Also, Tina is a co-founder of Boarding for Breast Cancer along with Shannon and Lisa Hudson, who were at Stratton for the event, too.

Homesick is in its second year, created by seminal industry members Gary Land and Barry Dugan. The three-day event brings together all generations of riders--legends, pros, and up-and-comers, along with industry veterans, families, and fans. The location, Stratton Mountain in Southern Vermont, is particularly special because of its history as the site of the US Open for many years.

For legendary pros like Tina and Shannon, Stratton was an annual stop on the competition calendar. To return to the resort is truly special, not only for them, we’re sure, but for the East Coast snowboarding community.

It is so sick to see Tina back on the podium at Stratton, this time among a whole new family of snowboarders spanning multiple generations. She earned second place in the downhill event, standing next to back-to-back event winner, Marissa McKellar.

Homesick continued over the weekend with two more events, the Powers Retro Pipe (named for Ross Powers, Stratton local and acclaimed halfpipe rider), and the Zebulon Rail Jam (named for Zeb Powell, who will be hosting the competition.)

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