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Griffin Siebert @gsiebs and Jared Elston @big_air_jare are some of today's top professional snowboarders in the game right now. They have just helped to design a new snowboard for snowboard company Nitro Snowboards called the Alternator. Nitro Snowboards is claiming it is a directional ATV "experimentally and magically created to be better, faster, stronger, lighter and generally better than every other board on the mountain." If nothing else, we are intrigued by this Instagram video about the new board.

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Designing new snowboards involves a delicate blend of engineering, materials selection, and artistic vision. Engineers optimize the board's shape, flex, and core materials to enhance stability, agility, and speed. Innovations like 3D printing enable precise customization for a rider's unique preferences. Designers work on graphics, colors, and branding to appeal to riders and reflect the board's personality. Collaborations with professional riders provide invaluable insights into real-world performance and demands. Sustainability is a growing concern, driving research into eco-friendly materials and manufacturing processes. The goal is to create boards that offer exhilarating rides while minimizing environmental impact for a brighter snowboarding future.

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