Snowboard Iskola

Recently, GoPro released a collection of POV raw files from Travis Rice's season. It's a glimpse of Rice's perspective when navigating creative and complex terrain in Wyoming and on trips to Japan.

The clips are a glimpse at just some of the lines the Jackson local dropped into over the past winter (for more watch Quiksilver's team movie, Sequencer) and veritable dreamboarding for viewers for 8 minutes.

Here's the word from GoPro:

Immerse yourself in the raw POVs from Travis Rice's GoPro MAX + HERO12 Black. No matter where the American professional snowboarder + movie maker travels to, he seems to score perfect powder conditions every time. Two trips to Japan + Jackson Hole, Wyoming resulted in what can only be described as perfect backcountry snowboarding + snowmobiling. The GoPro Athlete navigates fresh powder, storm days + variable winter conditions on his snowboard in the most aggressive, yet satisfying way. There's no wonder many consider the Natural Selection Tour creator the best in the world.