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Professional snowboarder Eric Jackson from Crowley Lake, California just shed a new light on video clips that are often and typically viewed as "crowd pleasers". His post helps us to understand the immense pressure snowboarders deal with and the physical limits they must push past in order to achieve what audiences may view as "greatness". 

Eric's post was of a clip of him snowboarding in the new Shred Bets movie "PrAEy", which you can watch here. His caption was:

"This is not to be glorified. I know that these types of clips can be considered “crowd pleasers” but the reality is that I made a mistake by choosing to ride this face.In all honesty, I did not expect it to slide and I had big plans for this hit, but looking back, all the signs were there as they usually are after an avalanche scenario.Overall we felt ok about stability and hadn’t really seen anything slide, but it was a west facing slope that had been heating up all morning, was the first sunny day after a storm and is an unsupported pocket with exposer below.Although it was not an avalanche big enough to get buried in, had I been swept off my feet and tumbled over the cliff, it could have certainly been bad.In the end, it turned out fine, but I definitely learned a lesson here and hopefully you can learn from my mistake when choosing what terrain to ride.Listen to the mountains when they speak."

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I think we can all learn from E Jack's words and let it grow our perspectives.

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