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Peppino Stewart was thrilled to share his experience in a jaw-dropping video clip for the "Smile While You Can" project by @rustytoothbrush. This particular video showcased one remarkable feat of grinding a ledge rail that leads into a large gap over a fence, a spot he had scouted out years prior. 

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"This was the very first spot I hit for @rustytoothbrush’s “Smile While You Can” project.I found it a few years back and loved the sketch factor of not having any safe exit points meaning I’d have to send it First-T.In that case I figured I should try do it with no tracks, which meant no landingI didn’t get it on the very first try but was pretty hyped to get it on the second.Thanks to all the crew for helping make it happen"

In his gratitude, Peppino extended thanks to the entire crew who contributed to making this thrilling moment a reality. The video clip is just one part of the larger project, "Smile While You Can," which explored diverse and unexpected locations, from the snowy landscapes of Sicily to the bone-dry terrain of Japan. It's a testament to the endless possibilities and ever-changing nature of the world, reminding everyone to "Smile While You Can." The project was a collaborative effort, featuring talented individuals who shared their passion for adventure and snowboarding in various picturesque locations.

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