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Justin Clark, known ubiquitously in the snowboard community as J Stone, who is an engineer at K2 snowboards, sat down with a snowboard podcast called The Bomb Hole to discuss snowboard technology and the use of gender neutral snowboards and other winter sports gear. It is a good question to ponder: are women's models and men's models of snowboards necessary? Definitely got me thinking.

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Snowboarding, a thrilling fusion of skateboarding and surfing, epitomizes the epitome of extreme sports. The grace of carving waves on snow-covered slopes mirrors the fluidity of surfing, as riders harness gravity's force to glide and carve down mountainsides. Rooted in skateboarding's rebellious spirit, snowboarders perform aerial tricks and grinds, merging creativity and skill. The culture embraces a sense of camaraderie akin to the skateboarding scene, fostering a tight-knit community of enthusiasts. With boards inspired by skate decks and surfboards, this sport embodies the seamless blending of urban street style with the boundless allure of waves, carving a unique niche in the action sports realm.

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