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Valentino Guseli has only one speed.

The Aussie all-terrain destroyer has been pinning it at transition since he was a grom and now, at 19 years old, he has officially clenched the world record highest air on a snowboard.

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Val dropped into an immaculately built hip—the "perfect hip"—at the Swatch Nines, the infamous event known for massive and pristine set ups, and launched 11.53 meters into the air—37.8 feet. 

In 2023 at the Laax Open, Valentino and Kaishu Hirano sent massive airs out of the pipe and since then have been widely regarded as landing the "highest evers" in halfpipe. Now Valentino makes it official as the highest on the Nines hip at Schilthorn in Switzerland.

"I was just going as big as I could," said Val. "I'd say it's the biggest hip I ever hit. And the thing that's gnarly about it is, when you first hit it, you already have to go big."

The previous record was set by Christian Haller in 2016 when he went 11.3 meters on The Nines "perfect hip" that year.

Brooke D'Hondt, Canadian pipe rider, set the world record for highest air on the women's side by going 7.3 meters, off the hip (23.9 feet).