Snowboard Iskola

We can all recall the initial daunting feeling when strapping into a snowboard for your first time. The perceived lack of control over your limbs, coupled with the rapid velocity at which your board glides on the snow, can be overwhelming. While we all begin somewhere, this video serves as a stark reminder of what not to do when careening uncontrollably down an icy slope.

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In the footage, a novice snowboarder's edges chatter down the hill, propelling them with increasing momentum towards a hapless snowboarder seated downhill. If you ever find yourself in a similar predicament, it is crucial to take immediate action. Make every effort to dig your sharp metal edges into the ground to halt your movement. This defensive maneuver can help avert collisions and ensure the safety of both you and fellow snow enthusiasts. Remember, while snowboarding may have a learning curve, responsible actions on the slopes are paramount for everyone's well-being.

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