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It's almost here, finals day of the 2024 Natural Selection Tour.

NST just released a teaser of the Yeti Natural Selection Selkirk Tangiers that shows off some glamour views of the zone in the Selkirk Tangiers tenure where the competition took place.

The face is called Mosquito Bowl and is a left turn from both Boulder Park and Montana Bowl when it comes to the style of terrain. Mosquito Bowl is much more expansive and open compared to the other Revy venues; the veritable dog fight of Montana Bowl with little time between features is now opened up into a honey hole of both freeride and freestyle opportunities on a grand scale.

The venue is park of the Selkirk Tangiers tenure, but none of the NST riders have dropped into it before. To further complicate things, conditions dictated that finals run the day after qualies, so while the riders had access to ONX Backcountry maps and photos to study the terrain, there was no day to get eyes on before the contest ran.

For a swatch of terrain with so many possibilities and marked by benches and convex rollers, ability to ride decisively while on-sighting is going to be a huge factor in determining who advances round to round.

We can't wait to watch the broadcast on April 4th. Stay tuned to @naturalselection and head to to watch next week.

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